Leading Logistics was established In the 1960s-70s by Mr. Yip C. Originally founded under the name, “Leo Factory”, a variety of products were manufactured. Despite the range of products that were being produced, the company didn’t introduce magnifiers into their production lines until 1975; however, as time passed, magnifiers and optical products became the main focus of the company.


Renamed, “Leading Logistics” in 1987, the company began to expand further than the borders of Hong Kong. In 1992, Leading built a second factory in Shenzen, China, and 12 years later, in 2004, a marketing office in Macau. This expansion is represented in the company’s international presence. Leading now exports products to over 40 different countries worldwide, and is always looking for new opportunities to grow.


Leading’s strive for excellence has always been the main principle of the company. As a respected manufacturer of optical products, Leading is determined to consistently produce only high-quality products at affordable price points.

Look for the “Balloon” brand of magnifiers to see the quality products for yourself.